More Treats


Delicious gingerbread houses that look too pretty to eat.

As with our other products, these can be customized to use your favourite colours and embellishments. How about an all-chocolate theme? Or nuts galore? Is peppermint a favourite flavour or perhaps sour candies?

Gingerbread treats are generally available November and December – especially at the Christmas markets – but custom orders at other times in the year will be considered. How about a gingerbread treat box full of truffles for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

Small gingerbread houses start at $20. Mini Villages $25. Large houses start at $40


Sugar, shortbread and gingerbread cookies are available for all seasons and all celebrations and themes. Pictured here are just a few of the possibilities: Hearts, leaves, wedding shapes (excellent for take-home treats or wedding showers)!

Petits Fours

Now available! Petits Fours in a variety of shapes and decoration styles. A lovely option for wedding favours.

Assorted Party Platter Trays

Perfect for giving your guests a range of treats to enjoy along with your special centerpiece cake or on their own for meetings or special events. Choose from our entire range of flavours or special treats (see Flavours page for options)



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